Thank you for your interest in David Harts Realty. I am always excited to have an opportunity to meet new people who are interested in any aspect of real estate, and particularly real estate in Sonoma County, CA. As the “Gateway” to the Sonoma County “Wine Country”, Santa Rosa and the surrounding towns are such an exciting place to live that one feels compelled to share this excitement with others. Our real estate environment is a combination of dramatic contrasts and subtle nuances making it a never-ending source of new learning opportunities.

I have been professionally involved in real estate for over 26 years. During this time I have done land development, construction management, new-home sales and real estate investing. I was a Vice President for Ryland Homes, the Nations 6th largest homebuilder, and served as a Vice President for Christopherson Homes Santa Rosa, one of Sonoma County’s most highly regarded homebuilders. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing for Non-profit Organizations and have a California General Contractors license and a California Real Estate Brokers license. I am an active member of the National Association of Realtors©, the California Association of Realtors© and the North Bay Association of Realtors©. I have been fascinated with every aspect of real estate since my earliest memories and feel lucky to have been employed in my field of passion for my entire professional career.

My professional goal is to provide my clients with real estate information and an experience that they cannot get from any other brokerage in Sonoma County. You will not find another Real Estate Broker in the Santa Rosa Ca, or Windsor area with my unique and vast experience in real estate. When you work with David Harts Realty, you work with me, and I promise to leverage my entire professional education and experience to your greatest benefit. 

You may reach me anytime by email at davidharts@sbcglobal.net
You may also reach me by telephone at 707-327-9407.

Why I created this website

This website is a first attempt towards my goal of providing information to you about real estate transactions in Sonoma County. I have written many articles about real estate, and many of the topics that are specific to Sonoma County are here on this website. The information you read on this site is completely original, and has not been copied or purchased from other authors. These articles come from my own personal education and experiences over the last 26+ years.

Some of my colleagues in the real estate profession will completely disagree with my methods. They believe that if you give a client all the information they need to perform a real estate transaction, they will not need you to help them through it. I disagree. I believe the more Buyers and Sellers know about a real estate transaction, the more likely they are to want the help of a true professional. In my opinion, we are in what some call the ”Era of Transparency” for real estate in Santa Rosa and Windsor and this website is my own effort towards improving our profession.

There will always be those who choose to change their own oil, defend themselves in court or be their own real estate agent. To those so inclined, I hope the information on my site makes that process easier for you. For those of you who are looking for a talented and experienced real estate broker, you will see from reading my articles that I really know real estate. If you have any questions about my articles or want to talk about your own real estate transaction, please call me or email me and I will help you in any way I can.

You may also to check out my BOLG which is where most of these articles started:Click here to go to the BLOG

Thank you for reading my work.

Sincerely, David Harts



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