When Is the Right Time to Select a
Buyer’s-Agent in Sonoma County?

Find a Buyer-Agent Before You Need One

In Santa Rosa, Windsor and the surrounding area, it is never too early to identify a good real estate agent and start a relationship with that person. You can actually select a real estate agent years BEFORE you want to look at properties. Your first reaction to this concept may be; "Why would a real estate agent want to invest their time, when I'm not even thinking about making a purchase yet?

Some real estate agents may agree with you and give you advice such as; "Call me when you think you're ready to buy". This is an easy way to differentiate between an average real estate agent and a great one. The best agents in the Santa Rosa area are more than willing to give you advice and have conversations with you about real estate, indefinitely, even if you never purchase a property. This is true because if the agent can provide good value to YOU, there is always the possibility you might refer somebody to this real estate agent. And who knows, even YOU might want to buy a house someday! If you tell a great real estate agent the areas you are interested in, that agent can provide you with periodic updates on specific neighborhoods in the areas that interest you.

Always find a Real Estate Agent Before You Start Looking for a Home.

Even if you decide not to find a real estate agent a year before you need one, at least get one before you start looking at properties. Searching for a home to buy in the Santa Rosa / Windsor area before you find a real estate agent to represent YOU, can create possible pitfalls which you should be aware of. The three most common are; Dual Agency, Lack of time, and Loss of priority.

The Dual Agency Problem when buying a home

Suppose you find the perfect house to buy in Santa Rosa, the first pitfall is that the real estate agent selling the property may want to represent you in the transaction. It started-off that all you wanted to do is walk-through the house just to see it, but then you kind of like it! So you talk to the listing agent who is sitting there waiting for such an opportunity. The real estate listing agent was just so darn NICE! The listing agent also tells you that they think they will have an offer on the house tomorrow, and you don’t really have time to find your OWN real estate agent. You agree to let the listing agent be YOUR agent and you submit an offer. This is dual agency and in my opinion, it is a very bad idea, here is why (click here to read “Dangers of Dual Agency”).

If you wait until the last minuet there is no time for homework

The second pitfall is that the real estate agent representing the seller might want to avoid dual agency, but by coincidence, they “just happen to know a great real estate agent” they will introduce you to. They may introduce you to a lousy agent, they may actually introduce you to a great real estate agent, but how would you know? You haven’t done any homework on this agent. At this point, you don’t really have enough time to properly do the homework required to select a great real estate agent. Worse yet, you are all excited about THIS house and you let the excitement make your agent-decision for you. Well, you have avoided dual agency (that is good) but you did NOT take the time to select a great agent. Maybe you will be happy with the money you spent buying the home, maybe you won’t. Maybe it is a good deal, maybe it isn’t. Does this sound like the best process for a major investment? I don’t think so.

Lack of Priority When You Don’t Have Your OWN Agent

Another big problem which often occurs when trying to look at houses without your own real estate agent, is finding yourself at the mercy of other peoples priorities. Suppose a friend tells you about a great deal on a home for sale in Windsor that just hit the market. The price looks great, so you drive by the house and the price looks great too. You are excited and decide you want to see the inside of the house.

PROBLEM; You can’t just walk up to the front door and ring the bell. To protect the seller’s liability and security, either the sellers agent (the listing agent) or the buyer’s-agent (remember you don’t have one) must be present during a property tour. Even if you ring the doorbell, most sellers will tell you to call their agent. That’s what they are paying their agent to do! So you run back home and call the seller’s agent, leave a message and wait for a return call. Maybe they get back to you right away, maybe they don’t. They might be busy. Maybe some other agent already called them to say they were bringing an offer to the agent tomorrow. Maybe they are busy eating bananas. The problem is; You are NOT their client. You are at the mercy of THEIR priorities. The better the deal on the house is, the harder it is going to be for you to get an offer in front of the seller before another buyer who HAS an agent can. That’s just how it works. If the home is too expensive or not a good buy for some reason, I assure you that you will have plenty of time to get an offer to the Seller. So what? Who wants to buy a house that nobody else wants to own?

But what if you have your own real estate agent and they are GREAT? You may very well be able to call your agent and tell them you are waiting outside the house and could they come by RIGHT NOW!! Unless your agent is tied-up with another client, they should be happy to drop whatever they are doing and meet you at the house to do that tour! Trying to see homes without an agent can get pretty frustrating and it doesn’t have to be this way. You should be in control.

Just do it !

The earlier you start looking for a great real estate agent, the better job you will do in selecting your agent, and the happier YOU will be with the outcome.

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